Pork tasting dinner at Gathering Together Farm

First course (served family style):  GTF mixed greens with toasted almonds and dried cranberries
Main course:  Each of the pork dishes in the main course was prepared with two different types of pork for comparison: Red Wattle–a heritage variety listed on Slow Food’s Arc of Taste–and a commercial variety.
porchetta with sauerkraut (or braised red cabbage)
smoked summer sausage with quince mostarda/Weinsteiger mustard
braised pork shoulder on delicata squash and caramelized onion
fingerling potatoes
Dessert: mixed berry crumble with cream chantilly
Chef JC Mersman’s menu allowed over 50 enthusiastic diners to taste the two varieties of pork prepared using different cooking methods.  Gathering Together Farm in Philomath was a cosy setting on a rainy evening for the delicious meal.  After diunner, a discussion was led by OSU niche meat expert Lauren Gwin and ag economist Larry Lev featuring Wendy Parker, producer of red wattle hogs.  Wendy Parker shared various aspects of raising this hog variety.

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