African Gardens

African Garden Project: Gondar, Ethiopia

The international garden project was initiated by Slow Food International at Terra Madre Day in 2010. Locally, Slow Food Corvallis focused on raising  funds to support the creation of a school or community garden in an African country. One such fundraising effort was our own local Tera Madre Day 2011 celebration, held at the Mary’s River Grange, where we served over 150 hot pan-African meals.

In 2013 we selected a collaborator in Ethiopia: Yenege Tesfa (“Hope for Tomorrow”) an organization which houses and educates orphans in the city of Gondar. Our $1100 donation was transferred in May 2013 to fund a garden at the Tayitu Girls’ Shelter, one of the four homes run by Yenege Tesfa.  In just a short four months the garden is up and running!

Check out the photos and read about the already successful Tayitu Girls’ Shelter garden.