Annual Membership Meeting

Slow Food Corvallis

Annual Membership Meeting and Potluck


All dues-paying members were invited to participate in our annual meeting/potluck dinner/brainstorming session on Friday, February 5, 2010 at the Unitarian Fellowship on Circle Blvd, in Corvallis.  31 people attended and enjoyed a convivial potluck meal followed by the meeting.

President Ann Shriver led the participants in a toast to the successful 2009 year and introduced current board members who were present. Laura McCandlish and Intaba Liff-Anderson presented Ann with an appreciation gift from the SFC Board and Advisory Group of a Shun chef’s knife.

Ballots were distributed to members, marked and collected for the election of two new board members.  David McMurray (at-large) and Rosemary Magee (communications) were duly elected to serve on the Board.  A voice vote was taken to elect Lol Cooper to the board as Membership Coordinator.  The position of President-Elect remains open.  Ann asked that anyone interested in that position or with a suggestion contact her.

Ann briefly described the events that Slow Food either produced or sponsored in 2009.  The treasurer’s report from Treasurer Anne White was presented.

Ann Shriver led a discussion of Terra Madre, the biennial event held in Italy by Slow Food International which gathers food producers and processors from all over the world to share their knowledge.  Slow Food Corvallis hopes to send a delegate to this year’s event, which takes place in October.  Sharon Thornberry and John Neumeister,  past attendees, shared their thoughts on the importance of this experience. Sharon emphasized that it was a great opportunity for her to share ideas about food security issues with a diverse group of people. John mentioned that it brought home to him the universality of food issues for people from around the globe. Both affirmed that they were able to bring expertise and ideas back with them and share them with the food community.

Board Member Larry Lev led the group in a brainstorming session for event ideas for 2010. Each table of participants was asked to have a discussion and then present their ideas to the entire group.   Over two dozen ideas were generated, and many members committed to coordinate and help with a variety of events throughout 2010.