Chapter Leadership

Board of Directors

Joan Gross

Joan Gross

Joan is a food anthropologist who has been involved with local food issues for a couple decades.

Kyle Bergmann

Kyle Bergmann is a dietician who is passionate about food and travel.  She often directs clients to local farmer’s markets, as well as food banks that provide fresh, local produce.

Joel Rea

Joel is known as the godfather of mid valley brewing and his expertise in local food and drink is well recognized.

Anne White

Anne has watched over Slow Food Corvallis’ finances and helped with events for many years.

Janis Brehler


Janis is a 2023 graduate of the Food in Culture and Social Justice Program at OSU. She is particularly interested in bringing attention to food waste and cooking local food.

Martha Jirovec

Martha was a meat, cheese and deli manager in Northfield, MN. where she promoted farm tours, cooking classes and local dinners for the Slow Food movement.  She is a pastry chef and is trained in Ayurveda.

Sandra Chaviel

Sandy grew up on a farm in California’s Central Valley and is a Master Gardener. She wants to spread the word about how eating farm fresh food is beneficial to our health, our local economy, and our environment.