FOOD Day celebrations in Corvallis began as part of a national campaign to focus on fresh, healthy, local food as opposed to industrialized farms and overprocessed food. On the original national day of celebration, October 24. SFC and other local Corvallis food organizations banded together to produce an event that included speakers, workshops, and a buffet of local food. In recent years, including 2019, the event has been celebrated on a Saturday in September at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market, and has evolved to focus on children and food. Children up to age 12 are given market tokens worth $4 to spend on local market produce of their choosing. The token booth also has children’s activities usually with a face painting station and a tasting table of currently available fruits and/or vegetables. The highlight of the day is a public “apple crunch.” Apples are handed out to all comers, everyone gathers, and, on a countdown, we all take a big bite of our apples in communal appreciation of fresh, local food.