Swiss Terroir Dinner: Making a Virtue of Necessity

Event date: May 2019

Past Event: May 29, 6 pm

Slow Food Corvallis, in collaboration with JC Mersmann, celebrated the terroir and cuisine of Switzerland.

Agriculture and food culture reflect both history and geography; the cuisine of Switzerland is no exception.The steep slopes and deep valleys of this mountainside garden have shaped its products and traditions. Swiss food products and culinary traditions have developed to transform its “constraints” into “resources”, offering unique and characteristic foods beloved by both local and international consumers, with strong ties to the land.

We learned about these connections and enjoyed a taste of Swiss terroir guided by chef JC Mersmann and visiting scholar Dr. Patrick Mundler at a dinner at the Dizzy Hen Restaurant in downtown Philomath. The dinner featured an illustrated discussion of the land and cuisine of Switzerland by Dr. Mundler and a four-course menu of Swiss specialties accompanied by two glasses of wine.

Hors D’oeuvre:
Swiss Chard Tart
Accompanying glass of wine
First Course:
Malakoff with cornichon, mustard and dressed greens
(a crisp-fried cheese specialty)
Main Course:
Papet Vaudois
(A traditional Swiss dish featuring Vaudois-style sausage, leeks, potatoes and cream)
Accompanying glass of wine
Rhubarb Compote with Semolina Pudding

Links to recipes: