Walk, talk, taste at Lumos Vineyards

Walk, Talk, Taste at Lumos Vineyards
22 July 2010
On a beautiful July evening, twenty Slow Food enthusiasts joined Dai Crisp on his Lumos vineyard property to learn about his grape-growing and winemaking methods. With intensity and enthusiasm, Dai described his efforts to grow the best grapes for winemaking in a sustainable and socially responsible way. The Lumos family farm and vineyard in Wren are Food Alliance and Salmon Safe certified. After an initial discussion, Dai led us into the vineyards to further demonstrate trellising techniques, pest control and harvest methods.
Participants adjourned to the Little Cabin to join Dai and his wife PK McCoy as they offered the fruits of their labor–Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer wines–all estate grown and made. The group then shared delightful picnic fare including much locally-grown produce and additional Lumos wine on the picnic tables overlooking the vineyard property. As the moon rose over the lavender and vineyards, all agreed it was a quintessential Oregon Slow Food evening