Wild Foods of the West

Wild Foods of the West:  A Local, Traditional Feast

Barbara Grant stirring the acorn mush

Margaret Mathewson served a traditional native

Intaba with wild food dinner plate

American dinner for a small group at a Slow Food Corvallis member’s home on May 19, 2010.  Guests had the opportunity to help with the meal preparation by tending the fire, and finishing the acorn pudding by adding heated rocks to the waterproof basket to boil it.

Chef Margaret provided slides and a commentary on the menu and preparation methods.  The lucky participants enjoyed an educational evening and a meal one would not often encounter:

fried seaweed
wild green saladOregon “escargot” (Les Limaces; subject to availability)
camas root
acorn pudding
roast rabbit
candycap mushroom cookies
dandelion root coffee
Chinook tea/ other native teas
Manzanita berry cider

Chef Mathewson splaying the rabbits